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Handy & Harman manufactures a wide variety of steel tubing products. Small-diameter precision-drawn tubing fabricated from stainless steel, nickel alloy and carbon and alloy steel is produced in many sizes and shapes to critical specifications for use in the appliance, refrigeration, petrochemical, transportation, semiconductor, aircraft and instrumentation industries. Additionally, tubular products are manufactured for the medical industry for use in surgical devices and instrumentation.

Micro-Tube Fabricators, Inc.
Specialty Fabricated Stainless Steel Tubing Components


HandyTube Corporation
Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes (Coiled and Straight Length)


Indiana Tube Corporation
Small Diameter Welded Low Carbon Steel Tubes and Tubing Products


Kasco is a provider of meat-room products and maintenance services for the meat and deli departments of supermarkets; for restaurants; for meat and fish processing plants; and for distributors of electrical saws and cutting equipment throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America. These products and services include band saw blades for cutting meat and fish, band saw blades for cutting wood and metal, grinder plates and knives for grinding meat, repair and maintenance services for food equipment in retail grocery and restaurant operations, electrical saws and cutting machines, seasoning products, and other related butcher supply products.

Effective October 1, 2006, Kasco acquired the assets and certain liabilities of Atlanta Sharptech, a long established global provider of meat room products and maintenance repair services, which generates $18 million of annual revenue. Atlanta Sharptech has a manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA and has route distribution network across the US market. Kasco and Atlanta Sharptech have substantially completed the integration of the two businesses, creating a more efficient and extensive route distribution and service company across North America, and a company with a much larger global distributor customer base. Kasco's products and services are sold under a number of brand names including Kasco Corporation and Atlanta Sharptech in the United States and Canada, Atlantic Service Co. in the United Kingdom, Canada and Bertram & Graf in Germany.

KASCO SharpTech
Meat Cutting Products and Services

United Kingdom


HANDY & HARMAN's Precious Metal activities include the fabrication of precious metal and their alloys into brazing alloys and the utilization of precious metal in precision electroplating. HANDY & HARMAN's profits from precious metal products are derived from the "value added" of processing and fabricating and not from the purchase and resale of precious metal. In accordance with general practice in the industry, prices to customers are a composite of two factors: (1) the value of the precious metal content of the product and (2) the "fabrication value", which includes the cost of base metals, labor, overhead, financing and profit. Fabricated precious metal brazing alloys are used in many industries including automotive, air conditioning, general industrial and other metal-joining industries. HANDY & HARMAN is engaged in precision electroplating (often using gold, silver, palladium and various base metals) of electronic and electrical components primarily for use for use in the automotive industry.

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
Precious Metal Fabrications and Brazing Products and Services


Handy & Harman manufactures fasteners, fastening systems, plastic and steel connectors, exothermic welding materials, and electrogalvanized and painted sheet steel products for the roofing, construction, appliance, do-it-yourself, electric, natural gas and water distribution industries.
OMG, Inc.
Roofing Products
PAM Fastening Technology, Inc.
Structural Fasteners

Engineered Systems

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